In work we have tooling that automatically runs tests when you save a file from your editor, saving you from pressing up arrow, return to run them manually. I decided to implement that for use when I’m coding in my own time: inotify_wrapper.

Usage is straightforward:

Watch the specified files and run the binary when they change.
Usage: inotify_wrapper file1 [file2 ...] -- binary [args ...]
Files will not be passed to the binary, the caller needs to do that if

E.g. run Golang tests whenever *.go changes: inotify_wrapper *.go -- go test

I also wrote several wrappers for even easier use:

The tooling is very simple - watch files, run binary - so you can wrap anything, e.g. for C programming it would be inotify_wrapper *.c *.h -- make, for LaTeX it would be inotify_wrapper *.tex -- latex main.tex, and so on.