My wife’s website is built on Wordpress. It uses a small number of plugins, and I’ve tested many plugins over the years; all those plugins need to be installed, and of course Wordpress core, plugins, and themes need to be upgraded when new versions are released. This isn’t difficult (download core/plugin/theme, extract zip file in the correct directory) but it’s tedious so it’s ideal for automating. I wrote wordpress-install to do this; it’s not the most elegant code because it has to deal with paths and URLs being different for each supported type, but it works. It requires the Wordpress install to be inside a git repository so that changes can be reverted if necessary, though I’ve rarely needed to revert an upgrade so the tool doesn’t support reverting - you need to use git revert. You can optionally choose a specific version of the core/plugin/theme to install, so you could use that as a mechanism to downgrade; by default the latest version is installed. It uses the tool described in Checking a git client is clean to check that there aren’t any uncommitted changes in the client before performing the upgrade, and commits all changes after the upgrade.


# Upgrade Wordpress core:
wordpress-install ~/ wordpress
# Upgrade akismet plugin:
wordpress-install ~/ plugin akismet/
# Upgrade akismet plugin to a specific version:
wordpress-install ~/ plugin akismet/ 4.0.8
# Upgrade twentyfourteen theme:
wordpress-install ~/ theme twentyfourteen