Markdown support for Vim

I needed to write a static web page in work recently, so I decided to use Markdown, because writing HTML is time-consuming and unproductive. I was writing a reasonably large page, so I wanted folding, which the syntax highlighting I’ve been using for years didn’t support. I wrote some simple folding support to create nested folds at headers, and also reconfigured vim to recognise bulleted lists so that reformatting with gq doesn’t destroy lists.

Save as ~/.vim/plugin/markdown-folding.vim - it will be automatically loaded every time you start vim, but it won’t do anything by itself.

Add these lines to ~/.vimrc:

" Associate *.mdwn with markdown syntax.
autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.mdwn setlocal filetype=markdown
" Recognise bulleted lists starting with ^\*
autocmd FileType markdown setlocal formatoptions+=n formatlistpat=^\\*\\s*
" Interpret blockquotes as comments.
autocmd FileType markdown setlocal comments=n:>
" Configure folding to use the function defined earlier.
autocmd FileType markdown setlocal foldmethod=expr \