Markdown support for Vim

I write a lot of Markdown in work, so it’s worth configuring vim to support it well.

  • Install to get syntax highlighting. I disable that plugin’s folding in favour of my own because I find mine is simpler and works better.

  • Add these lines to ~/.vimrc:

    " Enable "frontmatter" as used by Hugo.
    let g:vim_markdown_frontmatter = 1
    let g:vim_markdown_toml_frontmatter = 1
    " Disable folding and use mine instead.
    let g:vim_markdown_folding_disabled = 1
    " Recognise bulleted lists starting with ^\*, so that line wrapping doesn't
    " destroy bulleted lists.
    autocmd FileType markdown setlocal formatoptions+=n
      \ formatlistpat=^\\s*\\([-*]\\\|[0-9]\\.\\)\\s\\+
    " Automatically wrap text at textwidth.
    autocmd FileType markdown setlocal formatoptions+=t formatoptions-=l
    " Interpret blockquotes (lines starting with '>') as comments, so that line
    " wrapping doesn't mangle the blockquote markers.
    autocmd FileType markdown setlocal comments=n:>
    " Turn on spell checking.
    autocmd FileType markdown setlocal spell
    " Enable simple folding.
    autocmd FileType markdown setlocal foldmethod=expr
      \ foldexpr=MarkdownFolding(v:lnum)
    if ! exists('g:MarkdownMinimumHeaderFoldingLevel')
      let g:MarkdownMinimumHeaderFoldingLevel = 2
    function! MarkdownFolding(lnum)
      let l:line = getline(a:lnum)
      let l:matches = matchlist(l:line, '^\(#\+\)')
      if len(l:matches) == 0
        return '='
      let l:length = strlen(l:matches[1])
      if l:length <= 1
        return '='
      return '>' . (l:length - (g:MarkdownMinimumHeaderFoldingLevel - 1))